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Emotional Support Animal

Indiana Tech recognizes the importance of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), supported by the Fair Housing Act. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals that provide therapeutic emotional support for an individual with a diagnosed mental health disability. Unlike Service Animals trained to perform specific tasks that are important to the independence or safety of their disabled handler, Emotional Support Animals are generally not trained to perform disability-specific tasks. Their therapeutic support is a function of their presence and interaction with the person with a disability. Emotional Support Animals are not pets but animals commonly kept in households. An Emotional Support Animal may be a cat, dog, small bird, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, fish, or other small, domesticated animal traditionally kept in the home for pleasure.  

Indiana Tech Housing has a No Pet Policy. All animals brought to campus before approval will be considered a pet. Any student violating this policy will be fined and asked to remove the animal.

Part 1: Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Request

* Part 2: Specific Emotional Support Animal Request

  • Request for a Specific ESA
  • Acknowledgment of ESA Owner Responsibilities and Housing Rules
  • Emergency Contact Information Form
  • Veterinarian Checklist Form
  • Pet License (The City of Fort Wayne requires all dogs and cats to have a pet license.)

*Assistant Director of Accessibility Services will send paperwork for Part 2 upon Part 1’s approval.

Part 3: Emotional Support Animal is Welcomed to Campus

  • Emotional Support Animal ID Card