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Test Scheduling

Indiana Tech students with a current Access Plan with testing accommodations are eligible to take their test in the Office of Student Success (OSS).

Testing Policy

  • All students must schedule their testing appointments at least three (3) business days before the in-class testing date. Testing appointments requested outside three (3) business days may not be accommodated.  
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their tests and informing their instructors that they plan to test in the Office of Student Success to utilize their accommodation. 
  • Students should plan to take the test on the same day and time as it is offered in class. Instructors must approve alternative testing dates and times before scheduling with the Office of Student Success.  
  • Students must arrive on time for their testing appointments. Being late to a scheduled testing appointment may lead you to not being able to take your test or for you to receive all additional time allowed. 
  • Rescheduling a test requires instructor permission. 
  • A camera monitors all Office of Student Success testing spaces (i.e., private testing rooms and testing cubbies). No unauthorized materials are allowed in the testing room (i.e., bags, cell phones, smart watches, books) and must remain outside the testing area. Any unauthorized aids accessed during testing will be reported to the instructor. 
  • Cheating of any kind will result in immediate termination of the test. This includes writing test answers on the student’s body or bringing in unauthorized testing materials.    
  • Students must not leave the testing center without approval to maintain test security (except for an emergency). If you leave without permission, you may not be able to resume your test. 
  • No discussions, conversations, or questions regarding exam content can be held with other students during an active testing session. If a student has questions for their instructor while testing, the test proctor will take them to a private room where the instructor will be contacted to answer questions.  
  • Test proctors/readers may not explain or express opinions regarding the test. Clarification for specific purposes (directions, procedures, etc.) may be given. 
  • All other university guidelines for test-taking apply to the test administration in the Office of Student Success.

Schedule a Test

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