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Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is available for many courses offered at Indiana Tech and is free of charge for traditional undergraduate students.

Each tutoring appointment lasts for an hour and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. You can schedule a tutoring appointment by logging on to Blackboard and scheduling an appointment using Starfish. Click here for instructions on how to access Starfish in Blackboard and schedule a tutoring appointment.

Students will meet with their peer tutor in the Tutoring Center. The Tutoring Center in the Office of Student Success is located in the lower level of the Snyder Academic Center and is open from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 3:00 – 9:00 p.m. Sunday.

Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?

If you excel in a particular subject and would like to become a peer tutor, stop by the Tutoring Center to speak with our tutoring center coordinator or email for more information. is a free online tutoring service available for all Indiana Tech students. Each student is allotted 300 minutes of tutoring that can be accessed on 24/7.

If you would like help with any of the courses listed below, you may access through your Blackboard account. Click here for instructions on how to access through your Blackboard account.

For assistance with or to request additional tutoring minutes, please contact the Office of Student Success via e-mail at or call (260)422-5561 ext. 2237.

Why get tutoring?

There are many reasons to consider tutoring, such as:

  • deepening understanding of course subject matter and sharpening skills
  • becoming a skilled learner by improving study skills and developing critical thinking skills
  • maintaining and achieving academic goals
  • enhancing classroom learning by identifying learning style preferences

How to get the most out of tutoring

The success of your tutoring depends on the effort you put into it. To get the most out of tutoring, you should:

  • attend all scheduled tutoring sessions
  • meet weekly with your peer tutor to provide consistency and to build a working relationship
  • always bring your books, syllabus, and class assignments to each tutoring session

Tutoring is available for the following courses:

CoursesPeer Tutoring (DAY)
ACC 1010: Accounting PrinciplesAvailableAvailable
ACC 2140: Managerial AccountingAvailableAvailable
ACC 2200: Intermediate AccountingAvailable
BA 2010: Principles of ManagementAvailableAvailable
BA 2200: Personal FinanceAvailable
BA 2700: Organizational BehaviorAvailable
BIO 1000: Introductory BiologyAvailableAvailable
BIO 1330: General Biology IAvailable
BIO 1340: General Biology I LabAvailable
BIO 1350: General Biology IIAvailable
BIO 1360: General Biology II LabAvailable
BIO 2710: Human Anatomy & Physiology IAvailable
BIO 2720: Human Anatomy & Physiology I LabAvailable
BIO 2730: Human Anatomy & Physiology IIAvailable
BIO 2740: Human Anatomy & Physiology II LabAvailable
BIO 2900: Cell BiologyAvailable
BIO 2910: Cell Biology LabAvailable
BIO 3600: PathophysiologyAvailable
BIO 4710: ImmunologyAvailable
CH 1000: Fundamentals of ChemistryAvailable
CH 1220: General Chemistry & Lab IAvailable
CH 1230: General Chemistry & Lab IIAvailable
CJ 1100: Introduction to Criminal JusticeAvailable
CS 1200: Introduction to Computer ScienceAvailable
CS 1300: Computer Science IAvailable
CS 1500: Introduction to Server SystemsAvailable
ECE 1100: C ProgrammingAvailable
ECON 2210: MicroeconomicsAvailable
EGR 1500: Computer Programming for EngineersAvailable
EGR 1710: Engineering Graphics & DesignAvailable
EGR 3600: Parametric ModelingAvailable
EM 2010: StaticsAvailable
EM 2020: DynamicsAvailable
EM 3100: Mechanics of MaterialsAvailable
ENG 1252: Argumentative WritingAvailable
ENG 1272: Analytical WritingAvailable
ES 1000: Introduction to Exercise ScienceAvailable
ES 2000: Personal & Public HealthAvailable
ES 3700: Motor Learning & DevelopmentAvailable
FIN 3600: Corporate FinanceAvailable
HIT 1100: Medical TerminologyAvailableAvailable
IS 1300: Programming IAvailable
MA 1005: Foundations of Mathematics IAvailable Available
MA 1010: Basic AlgebraAvailable Available
MA 1020: Foundations of Mathematics IIAvailable Available
MA 1025: Mathematical Problem SolvingAvailable Available
MA 1030: Applied AlgebraAvailable Available
MA 1035: College AlgebraAvailable Available
MA 1055: Applied TrigonometryAvailable
MA 1090: Pre-CalculusAvailable Available
MA 1100: Applied Calculus IAvailable Available
MA 1110: Applied Calculus IIAvailable Available
MA 1200: Calculus IAvailable Available
MA 1210: Calculus IIAvailable Available
MA 2100: Differential Equations & Linear AlgebraAvailable Available
MA 2200: Calculus IIIAvailable Available
MBA 5120: Managerial Economics Available
MBA 5130: Managerial Accounting Available
MBA 5200: Financial Management Available
MBA 5210: Business Statistics Available
MIS 1300: Software ToolsAvailable
NET 1200: Network Design IIAvailable
OL 3300: Quantitative Decision-MakingAvailable
OL 3400: Financial Systems for Decision-MakingAvailable
PH 1000: Physical ScienceAvailable
PH 1100: Fundamentals in Physics IAvailable
PH 1300: General Physics IAvailable
PH 1310: General Physics I LabAvailable
PH 2300: General Physics IIAvailable
PH 2310: General Physics II LabAvailable
PSY 1700: Introduction to PsychologyAvailable
PSY 1750: Human Growth & DevelopmentAvailable
PSY 2000: Understanding DiversityAvailable
PSY 2510: Theories of CounselingAvailable
PSY 2520: Abnormal PsychologyAvailable
PSY 3750: Interviewing Strategies for HelpersAvailable
REC 1200: Introduction to Recreation ServicesAvailable
SM 1400: Introduction to Sports ManagementAvailable
SS 2720: Group DynamicsAvailable
SS 2800: Introduction to SociologyAvailable
SS 2810: Social ProblemsAvailable

Want more information?

If you need more information about the tutoring services at Indiana Tech please contact the Tutoring Center at 800.937.2448, ext. 2337 or via email at