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Student Success Coaching

  • Student Success Coaching is a personalized meeting with a trained academic coach who can help you improve your skills and performance. Working with your academic coach can help you study smarter by developing skills such as time management, goals setting and other skills. It is important to note that academic coaches are not academic advisors, meaning that your conversations with your coaches will focus more on building time management skills, learning strategies, and contacting you with other offices on campus as needed.

Online Tutoring

  • For our online students, we offer tutoring through This is a service that is paid for by the school. allows you to access tutors 24 hours a day, seven days a week for free. offers tutoring for various classes and subjects, including study skills and essay drop off.
  • Please only access via Blackboard. If you attempt to access the website without going through Blackboard, you will be asked to provide payment information. Each student is allotted 500 minutes of tutoring per semester. Should you need more minutes in a session, please email:

Warrior Way Program – Probation Program

  • The Warrior Way Program is a program offered by the Office of Student Success for students who are on academic probation. In this program, students will work closely with Student Success Coaches to help them get back into good academic standing. In the session after being placed on academic probation, your Student Success Coach will reach out to get more information about your goals and what happened that led to academic probation. During that semester, the student success coach will work with you to help develop some strategies to help you with your academic rebound.