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Report a Concussion

Indiana Tech is dedicated to supporting students who sustain concussions on and off the athletic field.

Return-to-Learn Protocol

The Return-to-Learn Protocol was created to support all students who sustain a concussion. Once a student or Athletic Trainer reports a concussion, the student will enter the Return-to-Learn Protocol. At that time, Faculty will be notified by the Assistant Director of Accessibility Services that the student has been placed into this protocol and will qualify for the preset accommodations. The letter will be vailed for ten (10) days from when the student sustained the concussion. If the student still has not cleared the concussion or exhibits symptoms after those ten (10) days, the student will work with the Accessibility Services Office on the next steps.   

How to Report a Concussion

  • Non-Athlete
  • Athlete
    • Athletes must report any concussions sustained on or off the field to their Athletic Trainer.
    • Your Athletic Trainer will notify the Accessibility Services Office.