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First-Year Course Advising

Student Success Advisors will introduce first-year students to the course requirements specific to the academic degree program the student has declared for a major. Student Success Advisors will recommend courses for first-year students to take during their first three semesters at Indiana Tech based on the student’s academic degree program. After their first year on campus, students will begin meeting with their faculty academic advisor within their academic degree program for course advising for their fourth semester and beyond.

Attending a course advising appointment with a Student Success Advisor allows students to:

  • meet their assigned Student Success Advisor in person,
  • learn about course requirements and sequencing in the student’s degree program,
  • ask questions about the student’s graduation plan,
  • plan ahead for future semesters,
  • and learn how to register for classes.

To get the most out of a course advising appointment, come prepared to listen, learn, and take notes. Having an answer for why you have selected a specific degree program also will help your Student Success Advisor better understand your career goals.

Student Success Advisors are available to meet with first-year students in their assigned college through individual 30-minute appointments scheduled by the student. Opportunities to discuss academic skill sets, study habits, career goals, and major exploration, also are available.

Student Success Coaching

Jared Meeks, Student Success Coach, is available to meet with all traditional undergraduate students in their second, third, or fourth years at Indiana Tech and provide student success coaching through individual 30-minute appointments scheduled by the student. A Student Success Coach can coach students through challenges with time management, organization, academic accountability, interpersonal conflict, and developing strong study habits.

A Student Success Coach can help connect students with a variety of resources and help students develop plans to become academically stronger. The university recommends students attend at least two check-in appointments with a Student Success Coach each semester to address any academic, social, or personal challenges the student might be experiencing. We encourage students to initiate and request an appointment with a Student Success Coach any time a student recognizes hardship in their academic journey that might negatively impact their academic and career goals.

Peer Tutoring

The Office of Student Success is home to the Indiana Tech Tutoring Center. Located on the lowest level of the Snyder Academic Center next to the Registrar’s Office, this space is for all students to come and find a quiet space on campus to study or to meet up with classmates to discuss a group project.

Need access to a computer or printer? We have those as well for all students to use.

Peer Tutoring is available to all traditional undergraduate students at no cost. Stop by the Office of Student Success to schedule your next peer tutoring appointment.

Major Exploration

Feeling unsure about your current major? Stop by the Office of Student Success to meet with your Student Success Advisor for information on course requirements for all of the academic programs offered at Indiana Tech. Student Success Advisors can assist students with figuring out which completed courses will apply toward a new degree of interest.

First-year students must meet with their Student Success Advisor for assistance with changing a major or minor.

Upper-level students must meet with their faculty academic advisor within their academic program for assistance in changing a major or minor.

Student Success Series

Students are invited to attend various sessions throughout the school year designed to help them become stronger personally, academically, and socially.

Upcoming sessions for the fall 2023 semester include:

  • Stay tuned for more information about upcoming sessions